Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Getting it all into perspective...

It's been a funny old day. The first serious rain in a long time is still falling with gentle and very welcome splashes onto the conservatory roof, though the colour of the sky may lead to an autumn patch of gloom and the possibility of too much television!

The three b's strike today. Burns, boredom and bigness. If there is such a word- then I apply it to the newly extended popular supermarket in our town. It's way TOO BIG. At least it is for my little legs and a lot of other people's I would suspect. It's not set up for an easy or convenient dash round anymore. We are talking hyper-market (remember those??) scale assault where you need a route map, a flask of something hot and some Kendal mintcake to survive the expedition. I made a comment on Facebook which has certainly struck a chord locally. So are we going to start shopping differently? The wheel coming full circle to the enjoyable and specialised shopping of my childhood? The big question here is , do any of us have the time for more individual food shopping or is it a question of organisation?

Back to the other two b's. I'll tackle the burns. Fingers are in recovery after an attack by boiling bean water on unprotected skin. Lesson learned. Use the oven gloves. And finally it is boredom - (I know, I don't have any excuses for this one with so many exciting projects on the go) but sometimes I am over-familiar with this b word and hence a late evening blog to rescue the brain cells from getting up to any more mischief!

Calm down. The soothing rain still falls. I'm reading The Shack by WM Paul Young and that brings it's own questions and challenges. I realise the day is never wasted even if it doesn't quite turn out the way you want it to. Goodnight from a lucky one - tucked up warm in that other lovely b-word where the company of books and blankets soothes all bad feelings away.
Night night from Ellie x

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