Sunday, 25 September 2011

Treasure old and new

A walk on the beach this mellow September Sunday morning has led me on a treasure quest. Searching for materials to create a sculpture at the front of the caravan, reveals several sections of orange netting washed up on the vigorous tide and a large brick-coloured stone to anchor it with. A small piece of driftwood adds to the collection, though I wish I was able to carry the much larger pieces that have been stranded following the tail end of Hurricane Katrina.

These tree trunks and logs have been utilised as seats, camp fire surrounds and one has been turned into a totem pole. Another wonderful find is a sand spiral, made amongst the rougher sand at the far end of the beach and the spiral is in a finer, lighter coloured sand. This leads me to believe that we still revere our wonderful planet when we can. Coming to the beach and letting go of the fast pace of modern life, gives us the opportunity to celebrate the natural elements we find at our feet. We sculpt the sand into castles, moats and spirals. We build hearts out of stones and turn wood into totem poles. There is an innate need to create, blend and be at one with the natural environment.

I love coming across these beautiful momentoes of someone's time spent on the beach. I photograph them, share them with friends and tuck away the memories for life's stormier days.
Enjoy treasure today wherever you find it,
Ellie xx

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