Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Treasured Memories

I have just completed my first commission to write a poem for a funeral. It was a privilege to be asked and I was conscious of finding the right tone for the occasion that conveys a personal touch with humour and affection.

I asked lots of questions before writing a word and the memories shared helped me form a connection with the family member - a sort of tapestry appeared in my mind so that I could follow the colours and threads of a precious life.

The first draft was long and too wordy, the second came closer and by the third was flowing easily and required just a rearrangement of the verses. Reading it over the phone was like a meditation for both of us, where we were transported for a few moments into a peaceful space.
I'm grateful for the beauty of the experience.


  1. love the idea of this. I spoke at both my mum and dads funeral, little stories ,jokes, about them It gave me peace and a sense of connection.

  2. Hi, thanks for sharing this post! Interesting!