Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Beach Blessings

This morning's beach walk revealed more riches in the best sense of the word. I met old friends as I wandered down the road, encountering a man who wanted to bottle my smile and a fellow-caravanner with her little dog who shared a lot of local information. That's the beauty of a small place. We all become quickly connected and useful to each other. Even when you have a holiday home, you become a part of the community. Taking part in local events has always been important to me and when you dig a little deeper there's always something exciting going on, whether it's the history society talk or a walk along the new bypass before the traffic is allowed to rush along it!

At the end of the beach is a long sea defence wall. Sitting on there with my feet dangling high above the high tide felt like sitting at the end of the earth. There were ringed plovers and oystercatchers for company. Swirling in flight and darting in amongst the rocks for food. The sunshine disappeared as cloud swept in. The sea changed from choppy blue to steely grey and the wind scooted across the full lagoon. I felt moved to tears by the majesty of it all.

On the way back I sat down for a chat with a man and his dog, who share my very same love of this special place. He said the landscape is like a magnet for him. As it is for me. A very powerful magnet that pulls me back time after time to explore the treasure and challenges it brings. I walked back up the hill refreshed in every way, to my Mum with rollers in her hair (very elegantly covered in a scarf!) and lots of stories to share. Is there a special place that keeps pulling you back to it??
Ellie x

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