Friday, 30 September 2011

A Visitor...

I arrive back at the house to find we have a visitor. He's taken up residence in my bathroom. His name is Berty and he's already got a significant Facebook presence. My lovely son checks that I have closed the door at night to keep him safe. That's my son - not Berty! Because Berty is a spider. Of tarantula-like proportions. He's had his photograph taken next to a pen to demonstrate the incredible length of his legs (thank goodness the bath is clean!). He elicits screams from the girls on Facebook that you can probably hear from where you are. I lost him for a while yesterday. On closer inspection, he was resting inside the plughole with just his legs poking out.

I chuckle because I don't have the heart to turf him out (yet). He continues to construct fluffy balls of web and wander up and down the plughole at will. As long as he's happy and stays where I can see him, then we stay fascinated by this arachnid wonder of nature. I do have one burning question though, what happens when I want a bath??

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