Thursday, 16 September 2010

Everyone's making meatballs....

It's a fact, I'm surrounded by meatball lovers. The kids came in from work yesterday, discovered there was fish for tea (yuck) and promptly went out to buy the ingredients to cook meatballs. I was treated to a dish as I was watching The Great British Bakeoff (what it is about a tough-talking silver fox that I find so attractive??) and the cat finished the rest (of the meatballs, not the silver fox).

A little earlier, the doorbell went and I recognised my lovely neighbour on the other side of the glass. In she came asking for an've guessed it, to cook meatballs. We laughed, chatted and she went away with onions, apples and a promise of coffee to catch up on all our creative projects.

Yesterday was official *first day at work in a very long time* too. When I say work, I mean out there in a more conventional place than I'm used to. It was like going home, just with extra scary technology! The brain will soon catch up and everyone was lovely, especially the young people, who are sweet, funny and accepting. I learned such a lot and realise I have many more skills and understanding to offer now. Discovered another course I'd like to do. The abundant Universe is being very generous indeed in that department. Within a year, I will be a rag-rugging-cupcake-baking-singer-songwriting-nature-loving-meridian-tapping-poetry-writing-teaching assistant. Phew! What an interesting life.

Have a fascinating day on planet earth,
Love Ellie x

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