Sunday, 23 January 2011

A Life of Love....

I love to write in silver and add a touch of glitter to give life a sparkle when at all possible. I like to do this in every setting, whever I find myself, it's good to exude the aura of sparkliness. This always brings love into the mix. Watch the beginning of the film Love Actually, and you will hear the words love is everywhere. In my observation this is so true and the more we focus upon it, the more love comes into our lives. It's a magnet of the most wonderful force, turning the apparently mundane into a series of special moments as we notice the nuances of love.

It may take a little practise. The obvious loving acts are easier to spot. What of the more subtle moments? The simple touch of a hand on a back that may go unnoticed, but says 'I support you'. The twinkle in an eye that says 'you look good today'. The quiet acceptance of a mood that won't quite go away, a cup of tea appearing without asking and the gentle bending of a tree to say we are connected.

As I step outside my door today, with a list of life's more practical necessities to achieve, I look, I touch, taste and hear all the love filling every second of the day. Because everything created and being brought into the range of our attention, had a caring thought behind it, an idea to make our lives easier or more fulfilled.

Embrace everyone and everything you come across today and I will open my heart more into the possibility of knowing more and living more from love.

With loving waves coming your way today,
Ellie xx

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