Friday, 28 January 2011

It's all about vibration...

Wouldn't it be good to know what we're attracting into our lives before it actually arrives? The gift of recognising what we're asking for can be both a blessing and a bit of a burden sometimes. I'm sitting here snuggled up in bed, wondering if a chill or the beginning of flu has taken hold (totally my own fault for not dressing properly when out and about yesterday) and also feeling the weight of worry about something that is definitely not mine. Is that a woman thing to do? Trying to take on the problems of family members/friends/the economy/the world without need or invitation to do so?

My wish now is always to maintain the happiness, health and sanity of my particular bit of life, on the basis that it's more helpful to be spreading out the normal vivacity and joy I feel than to try and tackle anything not created by or benefiting from my sticking my oar in where it's not wanted. It's hard to explain and may sound like I'm absolving myself from any responsbility for the inner workings of this great world of ours. That's not true. My beliefs have changed so much. I used to think that all the larger organisations were responsible for the general health and happiness of us all (the government, schools, councils etc.) but through the last few years have come to believe that personal responsibility is the real point of power, both for ourselves and the wider world. It's a subject I could probably talk about all day, debate with you long and hard and you'd probably disagree with lots I had to say. (Now scoop out that negative thought Ellie, and flick it right away!)

The truth is I take full responsibility for what I'm thinking, feeling and doing about it. This way I get to offer my best, both in the world of my home and relationships and to the joining in of the greater good. As the ripples of loving and positive beliefs spread outwards, they then attract more of the same and the creative forces join together in a dance of progress leading to more connections between us and wonderful events happening. A simple cup of coffee with a friend can lead to ideas and help flowing, as was demonstrated to me so clearly in a cafe in Worcester yesterday.

The clues are all there for us, spread out like a carpet of leaves, each offering a deepening of experience and the resulting satisfaction when we're brave enough to find out what's waiting beneath each one. So go on, take courage today, turn over one of those leaves, see what you find and attract a new, exciting thread into your life, let it hum with anticipation, expectancy, willingness and follow the warm feeling of the journey it takes you on.

From the quiet of a warm room looking out into the crispness of Friday morning,
Love Ellie xx

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