Tuesday, 31 May 2011

From a caravan on the coast

Setting up a caravan with Mum and a loopy Labrador has been great fun. We've forgotten lots of things, especially the warm layers of clothing required for chilly mornings! My excuse is lack of space in the car and over-stretched brain cells. We are lucky to have central heating and we soon get warm. Has no-one invented a solar panel for caravans yet??

We lost the chocolate dog for a while yesterday morning. Picture me running around the grass in pyjamas looking for the missing hound. She was found a few rows back, looking bewildered by the sameness of all the green holiday homes. Relief all round.

The people are so lovely here. A friend popped in with a caravan-warming present (a freshly painted watercolour) and as Mum and I sat outside in the sun sharing one chair between two, the site manager drove up in a truck and unloaded a beautiful padded sun lounger for our use until we get some of our own!

We are making the most of our last day. My early morning walk on the beach was filled with ringed plovers scuttling in the edge of the high tide, a chatty young fisherman casting for sea bass and the knowledge I can visit anytime I want to enjoy this magical place.
Wishing you sunshine and sea breezes,
Ellie x


  1. Hi, now I want to go caravaning! It sounds so fantastic! Thanks for coming by my blog earlier.

    I have Maisey Yates now with a signed book giveaway! @www.nas-dean.blogspot.com

    BTW, I just followed you.

  2. Thanks Nas, just caught up with your comments, great that you're following - encourages me to do more!