Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Nano easy, housework not........

Good Morning to all in Nanoland and beyond. Thanks to all the encouragement and tips, I'm now finding it fairly easy and very enjoyable to explore Nanowrimo. The best time for me to write is right now, early in the morning and it's a cathartic experience seeing how my character's deal with their emotions and desires in life. I never knew all that slightly darker, edgier side could be so much fun! And there's the softer side too.

Life is definitely changing again, whether it's the Nano month or simply time to move on, I'm getting more involved in certain aspects of life and letting others go. Like other writers, housework is becoming less and less interesting, though my house and other animals desire attention, I'd rather be doing the writing and assignments and other activities.

Certain of my wonderful girly friends also think it's time I started dating again, so dipping my toe bravely in the water and seeing where it goes. It gives up plenty of ideas to add into the writing mix, and I now have lovely Doctor Mike thinking it's time he found himself a lady to have some fun with! Bless him, I like Mike best of all the characters, he's funny and sweet.

So lots more exploring going on in Ellie's household. Time to move the bones and get dressed, as college calls this morning. The rain patters on the conservatory roof and life opens up a whole new range of interesting prospects for my day and the journey of the characters.
Happy writing,
Love Ellie xx

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