Monday, 5 July 2010

Quiet times.......

Ellie is a bit quiet at present. She has much on her mind, her plate and her heart is a little shaky. She's in need of the tenderest loving care possible and the courage to nurture herself there. She's come a long, long way and sadly her writing days are shorter than she planned. But hey, wait a moment, she is still here and writing, right now! Something good must be going on.
She's recovering well. Her body is slowly responding. She took a short drive, a short walk and some serious tree-hugging activities went on in the park this morning. It even helps to talk about herself in the third person. Maybe a trick to writing more often! We will observe, quietly as time goes by and how she fluffs herself back up again and takes her place in the hurly-burly, exciting, creative writing world. It all takes a little more time than she planned, but what is time anyway? A question for another day I think, after Ellie takes a snooze and restores order to her family and other animals............
With love and appreciation, Ellie x

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