Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The waiting words.......

The adventure continues, life flowing and the opening and learning that comes with it. I think my brain has been so tired and so tied up that as it gently comes to life once more, the words begin to take shape and express themselves freely. A workshop on Sunday with India Grey, the Mills and Boon author, so full of positivity and delight with her writing life, has me thinking romantic thoughts (I think them most of the time to be honest, so why not write about them?) I am doing the exercises and it's surprising what emerges, two characters arriving on the page, though I confess I'm afraid to continue today. The sun is shining, I was due to work in the forest, but find myself in need of the quiet space home provides to do some physical clearing up and then some writing before meeting a fellow-writer for lunch.

Or do I have this the wrong way around? To go and sit down and continue writing, then take a break would probably have me feeling better. I can write a love scene from my frustrated space and wouldn't it be more interesting and have more edge because I feel this way?

How do I begin to write without myself being involved? Or is there always an element of the writer themself present on the page? I will splurge, calm down and ask my characters to talk with me. Open up a real conversation where they tell me their secrets and share what's in their hearts. Then maybe I'll uncover what's in mine.
With love and inspiration, Ellie x

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